Monday Muse – Repurposing, Recycling and Ridding Myself of Regrets

(warning: this is a bit of a long post!)

I’m a rather messy and absent-minded person when it comes to my workshop. I’m getting better at organisation but it’s a slow process. It stems partly from having far too many ideas at once and not waiting to try each one out (and thus not […]

Monday Muse


Image via Bureau of Meteorology Australia – Radar map of rainfall at 9:18am AEST

I’ve always loved rainy days… we didn’t get very many of them where I lived in Queensland for about the ten years after I turned seven! It’s one of the things I really like […]

Monday Muse

Four images of things that have inspired and motivated me in the past week!

(Note: being rather pregnant, it’s hard not to pick four images of food. Seriously.)

1. The scones I had for breakfast one day last week… fresh from local bakery, topped with strawberry jam and whipped, sweetened vanilla-bean pure cream. Inspiring […]