Hello world ^_^

Blogging isn’t really my thing, it seems. You might know that we had a new baby in May 2011 and that kind of put paid to my blogging for quite some time. Here’s a post with a quick outline of what’s going down over at Chez Appleton nowadays…

I released new jewellery patterns a fortnight […]

Monday Muse – Community Workshops

I’ve spent much of the last week holed up in my studio, isolated with my work. While I’m quite happy to work on my own most of the time, I do often miss the vibrant environment that comes with working around others. The internet is very useful for keeping in touch with people from […]

aaand, finished! Coronet quick pic.

Done, dusted, oxidised, and a quick shot before I wrap it up and trundle it off to the Sydney Royal Easter Show people.

Some parts came out great, some didn’t work quite as expected, but overall I’m quite happy ^_^

ETA: more pictures…

I’d also like to take this opportunity to encourage […]

Workbench Wednesday – coronet design mkIII


Just a quick one: working on show pieces this week. Still working on the joining mechanisms for some bits, but this is the rough final layout. My torch won’t handle this much metal in one hit, so some of these connections will have to be cold joins.

All the black and white cutout […]