It’s 2014 out there…

… and I’m getting all organised in here in the studio!

year of many things

Lots of planning and updating and more planning and market applications and NEW WORK going on. It’s going to be a big year.

Now that my kids are getting older (read: big enough that leaving them with the other half for the day/weekend/etc isn’t a completely and utterly draining experience for all parties, requiring a full week before Mr 2 will let go of my neck without crying that I’ll disappear again), I am looking at lots of new and exciting shows to apply to for 2014. Hurrah! There is quite a bit of research for me to do, however: the market landscape has changed SO much since 2010 (the only market I’ve really done since then is Handmade Canberra because it’s always fabulous) – many that I used to be in touch with have fallen by the wayside but there’s a whole cartload of new and exciting ones started up as well. It seems that design and general make-ery-ness is alive and well all over Oz.

I’m even looking at innovative bespoke options for displays etc so that I can travel to markets that I can’t drive to – so markets in Melbourne and Brisbane are next in my sights. I hope to see a lot more of family and friends in those cities as well.

2014 is also going to herald a bit of a shift in my work style. I have generally made whatever I feel like making at the time and while this is fun and all, it’s a complete nightmare for keeping stores/web/studio/etc updated, clean, tidy and on-message. This year I am planning a series of limited edition ranges, each lasting 2-3 months before moving onto the next theme. I will maintain a core range of made-to-order favourites outside these limited editions as some pieces are just too sensible, comfortable or just downright pretty to let go. Look for the first of these mini-collections to launch in March. I’m pretty excited about having a bit of structure in my work and being to plan around it.

It’s also come to my attention that I haven’t changed my prices since 2009. Five years! That’s just a little bit nuts – if one of my friends went five years without a raise to keep up with the cost of living I’d be telling them to start looking elsewhere and to look after themselves better. I’ve already changed my pricing in my web store to reflect the new rises, but to smooth the transition for anyone who was looking to order soon, enter the coupon FIVEYEARS at checkout for 25% off the new price… but don’t wait too long, the coupon will expire on February 9th. I will be rolling the change out to my stockists during February.

Lastly, a huge THANKYOU to everyone who has supported me through feedback, shoutouts, purchases and the like over the years. I truly appreciate it, you are the people that let me speak through the product of my hands, heart and mind and it means so much to me.

Wishing you all the best for 2014,


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