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Blogging isn’t really my thing, it seems. You might know that we had a new baby in May 2011 and that kind of put paid to my blogging for quite some time. Here’s a post with a quick outline of what’s going down over at Chez Appleton nowadays…

I released new jewellery patterns a fortnight ago at the Handmade Market. I’m still ramping up stock of these – some are in the webstore and some aren’t, and samples of most have gone to each of my stockists if not the whole line. New etch patterns include boats, quilting-related patterns (but non-specific enough to have broader appeal than to quilters alone!) and some new-to-me ways of putting a bird on it. I’m still working on the strawberries… the etch hasn’t come out as well as I’d like on those so it’s back to Illustrator to see if I can tweak it to work better as an etch.

New work this month! Large Sashiko, Feather and Fleet disc pendants.

I’ve had to scale back jewellery work due to our never-starting renovations. At the point when building finally DOES start, I have to be ready to assume a whole slew of new responsibilities (ie choosing all the finishes, sourcing things etc) and with approximately three days per week to work/housework/etc it will cut heavily into my work time.

We thought this was imminent at the beginning of 2012, so that’s when I scaled it all back. We’re still waiting! As I’m someone that needs a million things on the go at once, I took up quilting. True to form, there aren’t a lot of finished quilts yet (maybe ten? Most of them are baby quilts…) but probably another half a dozen quilt tops that need to be actually quilted and bound to be put into use.

I’ve always had a deep love of fabric but mostly avoided it due to my overzealous, collecting personality. That was let loose last year and I think I’ve become a walking index of most of the fabric released since about 2009 (even though I started in January 2012). I absorb trivia like a sponge – particularly if there are images involved – so fabric lines/designers/prints/colourways are right up my memory’s alley.

I’ve got enormous fondness for the work of Anna Maria Horner in designing fabric – her designs are often bolder than I’d really like but her use of colour is wizard… and I LOVE the way most of her fabric lines actually work together both in colour and scale. I’ve spent more than I probably should have collecting (hoarding?) her hard-to-find, out-of-print older lines but I don’t regret it one bit.

Work-in-progress shot

As I can’t leave engineering/geometry/designing new tools alone for very long, I’ve been using Ponoko to laser-cut myself a bunch of very accurate and rather useful little rulers for my quilting. Since the people around me (love you all!) seem to like them (thanks to my guildies and Instagram friends for purchasing/trying out some of my ideas…!), I’ve recently starting tweaking the files and making ruler and template sets available from my Ponoko showroom.

And here’s where my boys are at nowadays…

Until next time!


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