Thrift Thursday – Leather!

I’m seriously excited today… !

You might have seen some of my work with leather in handmade silver housings recently. The prototype pieces I showed were really well received and for that I’m really grateful! The great feedback on those pieces made me look at my little stash of leather pieces (mostly reclaimed from scraps that the regular trade didn’t want) and I realised that what I had wasn’t terribly exciting and there was really very little there ^_^

To try and remedy that, I went to a couple of leather supply places around my city to try and pick up some new scrap – but I discovered that many of them weren’t doing scrap anymore (except for kangaroo lacing offcuts, which are far too stiff for my work!) or the scrap they had was pretty uninspiring. I then did web searches for what I wanted… and found very little that fitted what I needed, and most of that came with high shipping cost from overseas (not really in keeping with the reclaimed ethos that I wanted for these pieces!).

Enter yesterday… I was sitting at my laptop having my lunch break and attempting to keep up with my Twitter feed, and lo, what happens? These guys send through a tweet that they’ve just received a box of leather swatches into their industrial reuse centre! Hurrah! I abandon my lunch, jump in my car and I’m there in under ten minutes… I really wanted to go through that box! ^_^

(Aside – I really love this place and what it stands for. If you’re in the Sydney area and into mixed media, I absolutely recommend following their Twitter stream and going in for the occasional rummage.)

In the end I’ve got a fabulous haul of lovely little pieces in a gorgeous range of colours and even some patterns (I took nearly half the box… and debated with myself for a while as to whether I should just make an offer on the lot), and much of it is the weight and texture that I love best as well. I look forward to playing around with these over the coming months and bringing some new pieces to my range.

I know that this isn’t really what most people think of when they think ‘thrift shopping’… but this is what works for me ^_^ What have you thrifted or reclaimed that gave you that little shiver?

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