Monday Muse – Community Workshops

I’ve spent much of the last week holed up in my studio, isolated with my work. While I’m quite happy to work on my own most of the time, I do often miss the vibrant environment that comes with working around others. The internet is very useful for keeping in touch with people from the isolation of your workshop, but face-to-face interactions are important to me too. Wouldn’t it be lovely to have some of both worlds?

I know that lots of creatives get this sort of stimulation from subleasing studio space in larger collective workshops and that’s a really fabulous thing, but while my family is ‘new’ it’s particularly difficult to commit to that sort of environment. Part of this is that I want to be home with my child(ren) for some days of the week, and my indie business budget consequently doesn’t stretch to paying both childcare on work days and permanent studio rent (when I can only use a studio for at most 3 days in the week).

One of my personal goals is to (one day) have a multi-disciplinary workshop space – perhaps attached to a retail store or my own personal workspace -where several creatives can bring work on a casual basis and just lease a bench for the day. I’d love to rent a bench in this sort of space myself on occasion but I can’t find anywhere that offers this service in Sydney.

I love hearing about craft groups like the Brown Owls – who find spaces and knit/crochet/sew together on a regular basis. Such a fabulous way to stay in touch with your community! Unfortunately, jewellery work is generally a bit dustier/dirtier and needs more space per person than the venues they’re using would accommodate.

This morning I’ve got a little boy on my lap playing with some cabochons, and I’ve been poking around on Google to find and evaluate local community spaces. I’m looking for a suitable community space that can be leased inexpensively in order just to have a one-off get together of this type to see how it goes… a day out for the sharing of skills and just to work alongside others for a bit.

Are you in the Sydney area and would you be interested if we could find a space to have a working get-together? Which days would suit you best? Do you know of a great community space that could be used for small-scale, workshop-style activities? Please let me know!

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