aaand, finished! Coronet quick pic.

Done, dusted, oxidised, and a quick shot before I wrap it up and trundle it off to the Sydney Royal Easter Show people.

Some parts came out great, some didn’t work quite as expected, but overall I’m quite happy ^_^

ETA: more pictures…

I’d also like to take this opportunity to encourage my Australian friends-in-silver (and other crafts represented!) to enter the Sydney Royal Easter Show next year. I delivered my piece with just over an hour to go (!) and this year there really weren’t very many entries in the cabinet in the silver section! It’s the only big state show in Australia that currently has silversmithing categories and as far as I’m aware it’s not limited to entrants from NSW. I do feel that by supporting events like this one, we’re furthering the notion of handmade. The show gets over 800,000 people through their gates over a two-week period and items entered into the various competitions can be made available for sale if you wish. If your item makes it to display for the actual show (not all do) then it’s a lovely little opportunity to get your name and work seen and possibly even sell your piece.

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