Saturday Shout-out

Today I want to spread a little love to the participants of the Ring-A-Week (RAW) project over on Flickr. So many amazing artists… mostly metalsmiths and jewellers, but quite a good representation of other media (polymer clay and mixed-media etc) as well. The aim is to complete a ring per week for 2011 and post the result photos to this group; the result is a beautiful and extremely varied mix of objects intended to be worn on the hand. Most of them are truly wearable but the group also features the fanciful and exotic. If you love rings… head on over to the Flickr group and wade through all the inspiring examples, knowing that there’ll be more every week for the year :D

Here’s one of mine…

Labradorite Ruffle Ring

One of my first contributions to Flickr's Ring-A-Week group

I’m trying to participate this year – I had anticipated starting in January, but I had a skin condition that kept me out of my actual studio for close to a month at that time, so I’m quite behind now! :) The above labradorite and silver riveted ring was one of my first contributions. I know that I probably won’t manage one per week until at least August, given everything else happening here (!), but I’m aiming for one per fortnight.


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