Monday Muse – Nesting (bathrooms!)

Some of you may know that we’ve been planning a house renovation (major) for quite some time. Our plans have been approved, but we’re looking for a different builder/project manager to the one that did the first part of the process for us as we weren’t particularly happy with their service to date.

I didn’t realise when I started the process that I would need to have all of the finishes and fittings and colours neatly chosen and fixed before I got quotes from builders (yeah, I should have used my brain on that one). This part of the process is almost certainly going to be 100% my choices as my other half won’t *really* care one way or the other, and it’s a pretty big job as we’re virtually gutting and rebuilding the house. Every room has something happening!

For some reason – probably that ingrained ‘nesting’ instinct kicking in – it’s been on my mind a lot this week. Particularly the bathroom part. Nothing house-wise is going to happen for some time yet (baby in 5-6 weeks, haha) but I really need to start keeping a scrapbook of the stuff I love to make the process better when I *do* it later in the year.

Years ago, before we had this house, I painted the bathroom in our apartment in a dark pea green with white trim one week when my husband was overseas (tiny bathroom, and yes we owned the unit… you can’t make changes like that in rentals here!). I loved it. Our real estate agent when we sold the place a year later hated it and we had painters make it (and the rest of the apartment) an off-white… but some part of me still really wants a GREEN bathroom. With white wainscoting and a white claw bath like the one in the picture above (from Country Living – image 10 in this slideshow – photo by Gridley+Graves). I’d love to soak in one of these baths with a great book, with that shade of green on the walls again. Your mileage may vary! ^_^

Is there something in your home environment that you’ve wanted to change for ages… or have you already made your wishes into reality?

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