Fresh Friday


Shop update day! Here’s what I’ve been working on for online purchase this week… all up on Etsy today.

1. Pierced sterling silver motif earrings with amazonite drops.

2. Simple silver-and-leather riveted disc hoops earrings in red/black rough leather with rollprinted silver; and in deep teal and deep mauve leather.


3. Experimental silver necklace consisting of a handcut sterling silver fan motif with stitched and riveted red leather accent. Fine sterling silver chain. One-of-a-kind and priced at over 1/3 off, in line with my usual prototype and technique experiment pieces.

I’m really enjoying my experiments with leather this month and hope to keep producing pieces in various price points for the near future. I have a couple of other, bigger projects that I need to complete this month though which will tend to curtail shop activity for March… but more about those on Workbench Wednesday!

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