Fresh Friday

Handcut and etched sterling jewellery, near completion

Hello everyone! Here’s a quick shot of what I’ve been doing today… many of these just need a spin in the tumbler from here, a few need oxidising as well to finish :D Later this afternoon I’ll photograph them and start the listing process.

(Size reference… the Fan Blossom discs with the central holes near the middle of the group are 5/8″ (16mm) across.)

In this photo (all jumbled together!):

  • Trefoil pendants in Petite and Small sizes
  • Square Burst pendants in Small and Medium
  • Medium plump butterflies
  • Creature pendants in Kitten, Puppy and Bunny
  • ‘Foliage’ and ‘Blossom’ pattern heart earrings and pendants, size Small
  • Small Violets pendant
  • Baroque pendants, styles 1 and 2
  • Medium Petal pendants
  • Fan Blossom discs; centre-drilled for hoops and top-drilled for hooks
  • and a pair of Rain earrings (before they get their London Blue Topaz drop dangles!)


Lately, I’ve been trying rather hard to condense my pieces into more of a ‘standard’ range, instead of ‘whatever I feel like making today’. It’s very difficult to keep track of inventory and do proper accounting, the way I tend to make things at the moment; and it’s also a nightmare when I get wholesale requests because there’s no way I can build up a catalogue if everything’s a bit of a one-off.

As a result, today I’ve been making singles of a lot of the things I’ve decided to make more permanent… so that I can get the photos and get them up on the web, where you can see them ^_^

The biggest change, to me, from what I have been doing is that my pierced pendants (a lot of which you can see in this photo) will now be made of thicker silver sheet than I’d previously used. While mine have never been ‘thin’, I have felt for a while that the pendants need to be a little more substantial – more tactile and a little heavier. Earrings and etched pieces will stay as they were; etched pieces were already using a slightly thicker sheet than pierced pendants and earrings shouldn’t be too heavy ^_^


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